5 Simple Methods to Optimise PPC Text Ads

Here are some quick tips for you to implement immediately in your PPC text ad campaign(s). Mobile Ads/Bid Adjustments Either set your mobile bid adjustment to -100% or create mobile optimised text ads. If you don’t, your standard text ads will show on mobiles. Negative Keywords Be sure to run the search terms report or [...]

Aspects Care Goes Live

After over 6 years working with Aspects Care, they felt now was the time to refresh their website to match the amazing work they do on a daily basis and reflect their ambitions for the future. The previous design had become outdated and Aspects Care required a complete makeover. They came to us with a [...]

Why eCommerce Businesses NEED Product Listing Ads

Whether you’re running your own e-commerce website or an AdWords campaign, there are 3 good reasons as to why you should seriously trial the Product Listing Ads feature within AdWords. 1. Commercial Intent It is recognised that many visitors who click on a product listing ad are close to making their final purchase decision. Product [...]

French Connection

With a growing list of clients and Chillizone expanding in the fast paced world of Digital Marketing, naturally an increase in personnel beckons. It is with this we are pleased to announce a new introduction to our Web Design Team, Stéphanie de Lafargue-Barès. Stéphanie has over 6 years of industry experience and will be bringing [...]

Understanding EdgeRank to Optimise Your Facebook Strategy

Having a Facebook page with lots of fans is good, but engaging with your audience is better! Did you know that on average, only 16% of your followers actually see your updates? Yes, it seems unfair, and only a few people know that. If you can understand the reason for this, you can improve your [...]

Penguin 2.0 is Live, Are You Prepared?

Penguin 2.0 officially rolled out in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 22nd 2013.  This is what we know so far: It’s the fourth Penguin update, but it is referred to as Penguin 2.0 because it is an update in the algorithm and not a data refresh or an index update (unlike Penguin 2 and 3). [...]

The Business of Fake Followers in Social Media

Are you promoting your company on social media? If your answer is YES then you have probably received many offers to get more followers, more likes…more and even more. There is a great temptation BUT is it really an effective approach for your company? How does it work? Let me take a minute to provide [...]

A Straightforward Approach to Effective Content Strategy

Over the last few years, content strategy has taken on greater importance with most online marketers increasingly viewing it as a vital component of any marketing strategy. At its simplest, content strategy can be defined as a method of identifying the type of content that will allow a business to best communicate its brand message [...]